Country Taxi Call Centre ; 131008-Australia Wide Taxi ; SmartMove

About Us: Orange Taxis have been serving our local community since 1955. It started when six taxi operators banded together to give Orange the latest in customer service technology – telephone booking and radio dispatch. Since then it has grown into a Co-operative of 30 local, small businesses, providing jobs for over 100 local people. Using state-of-the-art communications and computer dispatch technology, Orange Taxis provides one of the fastest, and most efficient, taxi services in the state. In association with ‘131008-Australia Wide Taxi’ and ‘SmartMove’, the Country Taxi Call Centre, based in Orange, can answer calls and dispatch taxis in towns as far away as Victoria, Northern Territory and north Queensland. Over the years we’ve developed strong ties in the local community. Organisations that we’ve built a trusted relationship with include local schools, disability services, aged care, medical, and all levels of government. You’ll see us out working, anywhere around town, anytime of the day or night, in all types of weather. We’re available 24/7, every day of the year. Just call, or come to one of the ranks in Anson St or Lords Pl. Customer Feedback – Praise, suggestions, requests, or complaints. Contact our Administration Office on (02) 6362 1333 between 10am-2.30pm, Mon-Fri, or email